Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The market research supplied by Global QYResearch is the valuable market information provided to the select group of customers in response to orders. When ordering from Global QYResearch, our customers acknowledge that the research study purchased is for internal use and not for publication or disclosure to third parties. The qualitative and quantitative research is based on the information received from primary interviews and secondary sources and is subject to fluctuation. Also, the information about the primary respondents is confidential and Global QYResearch is not bound to share this information, in any circumstances, with the customers. Global QYResearch does not take any responsibility of the incorrect/vague information provided to us by manufacturers or suppliers. No part of the information shall be stored, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means such as mechanical, electronic, recording, photocopying, or any which ways, prior to the consent of the publisher.

Is my information secured?

Since, the customers have to fill up an enquiry form with their details for making an enquiry before purchase; it is obvious to ask if this information of yours is secure with us. We at Global QYResearch are completely aware of the confidentiality of your personal information and make every possible effort to avoid it from becoming vulnerable. The information of our customers, in any circumstances, is not shared with any other individual or company and is encrypted to protect against unauthorized access.

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